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On this page you'll find links to other websites and webpages that we think are relevant to Transition Chichester's aims.

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Woodhorn Woodhorn Group is a local business that comprises an organic farm together with green and wood waste recycling which they use to make composts and soil conditioners.
See their green waste recycling video here
TED Talk Rob Hopkins' TED talk
Tangmere Community Garden Past Peak Oil Travelling Towards Transition Animation
Tangmere Community Garden Tangmere Community Garden
Self Repair Manifesto Repair is better than Recycling. Repair saves the planet...
South West Sussex Ramblers Enjoy walking and help to protect our natural environment. Regular guided walks for all abilities.
300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds 300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds.
CCV Chichester Conservation Volunteers(CCV) carry out practical countryside conservation on most Sundays throughout the year and always welcome new volunteers.
Part-time Carnivore Saving the world over dinner! Part-time carnivore - A person who chooses not to eat meat all the time.
ChiCycle ChiCycle wants to make cycling safe and popular in Chichester.
Jumble Aid Turning unwanted stuff into cash for charities.
Tearfund Carbon Fast Climate change is hitting the world's poorest people now. They've done the least to cause climate change, but feel the heat the most. Increased floods, droughts and storms are devastating lives as food, homes and livelihoods are washed away.
Join the Tearfund Carbon Fast in 2010.
Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air The public debate about our energy crisis will be a waste of time - unless we start using numbers we all understand.
WSCC WSCC Environmental Info
Repair Manifesto Platform21’s Repair Manifesto opposes throwaway culture and celebrates repair as the new recycling.
RSA RSA/Soil Association event - Food in a world without oil. Our distinguished panel debate the various options available to us in the impending ‘world without oil’.
The Sustainability Centre The Sustainability Centre in Hampshire was set up by the charity Earthworks Trust to: ‘Demonstrate,develop and promote knowledge,skills,technologies and lifestyles that improve peoples qualify of life without damaging the local and global environment’.
10:10 10:10 - Cutting 10% of emissions in 2010.
Chichester Fairtrade Chichester is a Fairtrade City.
Nature More than 50% reductions needed by 2050 to respect 2°C climate target. We can only emit 1000 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) between the years 2000 and 2050. The world has already emitted one third of that in just nine years!!!
efreeko This is an invitation to help build a movement--to take one day and use it to stop the climate crisis.
efreeko Recycle unwanted items for free on this Chichester based website.
Andrew Andrew! Before you go off to save the world you might wanna pull up your pants.
Wombat Foundation for Global Community - This is the only home we're got!
Landshare Landshare - Linking people who want to grow their own food to space where they can grow it
Preparing for Peak Oil Preparing for Peak Oil: Local Authorities and the Energy Crisis - a new report from ODAC. (2.7MB)
History of Oil Rob Newman's "History of Oil".
If you missed Transition Chichester's first film in its Autumn Film Season, or want to see it again.
Dish of the day Check out these seasonal recipes from Moonbites!
Hypermiler mpg is king!
Real Climate All that you wanted to know about the science behind Climate Change - and then some! By the people who should know - the scientists working on Climate Change.
Green New Deal Green New Deal. Transition Chichester will be working at the local level, but is this what we need at the national level?
Greening Campaign Petersfield has done it, now it's Parklands turn!
wakeupfreakout Brilliant animation dealing with the idea of global warming tipping points.
No. 10 Gordon says we have enough oil until 2030 - that's alright then!
Lewis Pound Lewes has just launched their Lewes pound. They've already sold out (15/09/08), but they also have 85 participating businesses. Are there enough independent shops and businesses in Chichester who would get on board with a Chi pound?
Carbon Free UK government fuels fuel poverty argument.
Wall Street Journal Sex and drugs and ...oil!
Plywood report If you thought the sustainable sourcing of timber had been sorted by now - think again! If you have anything to do with plywood sourcing, or know people who are, please read this. (1.2MB)
ETA The ETA is the environmentally friendly breakdown service that covers all sorts of breakdowns even cycles. Sadly they don’t do mid-life crisis situations though!
Peak Oil Animation Peak Oil animation.
Requires Flashplayer.
Brighton Permaculture Trust Brighton Permaculture Trust is running a series of courses over the coming autumn and winter to help us get back in touch with the natural world.
Tar sands tailing pond The measures that Shell are taking to keep ducks from landing in tar sands tailing ponds – MADNESS!
product_efergy (2K) The power to get really obsessive about your home energy use and reduce, reduce, reduce is now yours for under £40 from the excellent Carbon Neutral Company.
Scap Wind Turbine Blow Me! A University of Portsmouth student has designed a wind turbine from scrap materials for a total cost of £20!
Transition Towns What is a Transition Town (or village / city / forest / island)?
100 Months 100 months - The time left to act before we reach a climate tipping point – this is not a drill!
Ecological Footprint Ecological footprint of British city residents - Chichester is 58th worst out of 60!